World Whale Day!

World Whale Day will be celebrated this year on February 18.

Something that’s high up on my list is seeing whales in real life instead of just in a video or on TV. I’d love to go on a whale watch, a boat tour that lets people experience whales without harming the whales or disturbing them. I think it would be fascinating to see whales up close.

Here’s a short video from National Geographic Kids’ Magazine Extras that shows an oceanographer talking about her surprise encounter with a humpback whale.

There’s even a connection to the arts, believe it or not! Humpback whales are known for their amazing and eerie songs.

Here are some cool links with more information and activities about whales.

Stay tuned next week for a look at a couple of books about whales and their songs.

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  1. My husband drove a whale watching tour boat one summer and I went with him one day. We encountered an entire pod of Orcas. They surrounded the boat and did jumps for us. It was amazing. There were even babies. We also went on a whale watching boat in Maui and saw a humpback whale although from a distance. It is a wonderful thing to do and I hope you have an opportunity to experience it. The boats are always very careful not to disturb the whales.

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