Puppets — an Intriguing Way to Do Theatre

You may have seen a play that was based on a book. You may even have seen a play that was based on a children’s book. But have you ever seen a play based on a children’s book, done entirely by puppets?

There is a very cool-sounding theatre in south Minneapolis called In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre that is doing just that.

Even their name is cool. On their website, I read this explanation of the name: “To be puppeteers in the Heart of the Beast… …is to find ourselves in the great world Beast made of families, races, ages, sexes, classes, corporations and nations, people, (and creatures!) all different, working out a way to live together.”

What a fantastic way to think of the world’s people. I’d encourage you to read the rest of the explanation of the name here.

Now back to the kids’ book and the puppets. This Saturday, February 11, as part of their Ta Da! kids’ programs, they’re doing a puppet interpretation of Debra Frasier’s wonderful On the Day You Were Born. This is a book that explores the scientific and atmospheric phenomena that happen every day — including on the day YOU were born.

It isn’t just an ordinary puppet show, though. Quoting this page of the theatre’s website, “this toy theater production combines puppetry, poetry and music that celebrate the natural miracle of the earth. The author’s radiant collage illustrations translate to a miniature stage as puppeteers open trick boxes releasing the wonders described in the book.”  Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

If you’re not in the Minneapolis area (I’m not, either) you can still read this book (check your local library or bookstore), and you can find some fun activities at the author’s website.

It’s amazing, the things that can happen when people use their imaginations! What can YOUR imagination conjure up?


P.S. The friend who suggested the last two blog posts also told me about this theatre. She’s three for three! Thanks, friend!

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  1. Sounds like such a great idea! I love puppets. In grade three our teacher had us act out A Christmas Carol using puppets. What a great way to learn classic literature.

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