Music from the Ocean

Sunrise over the ocean in Miami Beach, Florida.There is so much music in our world, and there are so many ways of making music, as well.

Have you ever listened to the music that’s in water? Have you ever stood on a beach and listened to the many variations of sound as the waves lap against the shore, or crash on the rocks? Have you heard the gush of water tumbling down a mountainside?

The sound of water can soothe and relax, or it can energize. Listen for a moment.

There are also sounds in the water. Have you heard the songs of humpback whales? They are eerie, otherworldly, and amazing. Researchers have discovered that melodies can go on and on, that other whales pick up a melody and repeat it and embellish it. The music is powerful to listen to.

This link from the Whale Trust in Maui will give you an idea of the astonishing complexity and musicality of the whales’ songs. And this link from LiveScience lets you hear the whales.

There are other ways of hearing music in the ocean. Some artists and musicians create combination art installations and musical instruments that take the movement of the waves and turn it into an unusual form of music. You can see (and hear) an “organ” in Croatia at this link and you can see and hear a video about a “wave organ” in San Francisco at this link.

And if you want to create your own “glug” music — check out this gluggle jug! A friend gave me one for Christmas, and it’s fun!

Music is all around us. You just have to listen. Where have you heard a different sort of music?

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