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International Dot Day — KidLitTV interviews Peter H. Reynolds

IMG_0003Welcome back, Creative Ones! We’re starting another year of The Starborn Revue with a celebration of International Dot Day, which was inspired by author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds‘ book, THE DOT.

KidLit TV did a fantastic interview with Peter about his “Creatrilogy” of books, THE DOT, ISH, and SKY COLOR — and about exercising your creativity (however that is expressed — drawing, painting, singing, acting). Even if you think “I’m not very good,” don’t let that stop you! This is all about being creative despite those feelings.

I’d urge you to find those books, read them, and then “Make your mark and see where it takes you.”

To watch the interview, click this link — there’s more information there than if I just embedded the YouTube link. Please do click and watch!

To learn more about International Dot Day (which happens on September 15th-ish, so there’s no way to be late!) and join in, click here!

To see my post and dot from a couple of years ago, click here!


Make your mark and see where it takes you!

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