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From the Top — Young Musicians, Take Note!

Again this week, I have a link to share with you, rather than a book. This time, it’s a feast for your ears. And we’re turning from the hip-hop, rap and South American music that I featured last month, and focusing on classical music this time.

A friend alerted me to this NPR program (the same friend who alerted me to last week’s awesome artist — she has a good eye and ear for things that will fit the Starborn Revue!)

From the Top is a program on NPR that showcases amazing young musicians. The description on their website states:

From the Top is America’s largest national platform celebrating the stories, talents, and character of young classically-trained musicians. Through live events, NPR and video broadcasts, scholarships, and arts education programs, we empower these extraordinary young people to engage and inspire music lovers of all ages.

Empowering indeed! Not only do they give these young musicians a platform through which to share their music with a larger audience, but they also enhance other kids’ perception of classical music, and through their scholarship program as well as their education and outreach, they bring music to kids.

You can learn more about the program, about the kids who are featured each week, and listen to past programs at their website. If you don’t have access to NPR (like me, in Canada) you can listen to the regular broadcasts online. I listen via Classical MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) at this link. (Classical MPR is also a treasure trove.)


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  1. That’s really cool! I am interested in playing classical accordion music, but to be able to do that properly, I would need to buy another accordion. And that’s WAY to much money (it doesn’t help that the accordion I would need is considered a professional instrument – that means that a “cheap” one is still very expensive compared to most of the “normal” accordions).

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