Curtain Up on a New Blogging Season!

Most theatres have one day per week when there are no performances. This gives the actors a rest in what is otherwise a very heavy schedule. On these days, the theatre is said to be “dark.”

The Starborn Revue has been dark for far too long, but I’m happy to say that today we’re raising the curtain on a new year of blog posts. I’m looking forward to the posts I have planned, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

You’ve maybe noticed already that while the Starborn Revue was dark, it’s undergone some changes – restaging, so to speak. There’s a new look around here, and there are new pages as well. I have a new bio on the Meet Elizabeth Starborn page, I’ve written a new page about the website and blog, there’s a functioning contact form on the contact page, and new GDPR-compliant privacy and cookie policies. I hope you’ll take some time and look around, read the new pages, and get ready for an exciting year.

As I say on the page About This Site, my main purpose is to help people – whether young or older – learn to celebrate who they are, find joy in something special they love to do, and to shine like the stars they are.

This blogging year – September 2018 to June 2019 – I will be exploring the many ways kids can shine, whether in the arts or in other ways. I’ll be sharing books I’ve read, I’ll be shining the spotlight on special kids and exciting opportunities for kids, and I’ll be doing some interviews.

Something I’m particularly excited about is that each month there will be an instalment of a story I’m writing as a serial set in the Starborn Revue Theatre called The Show MUST Go On. One chapter of the story will be posted on the last Wednesday of each month, from September until June. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

As I say in my new bio, I hope my posts will help you discover what makes you truly come alive – it may be the arts, it may be something else – and celebrate who YOU are, deep down inside.

Even if it’s in an unexpected way –

Shine like the star you are!

And now… curtain up! Let the show begin!

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