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Theatre Cats (of one kind or another)

I’ve just realized that I haven’t featured Lady and Sir, the Starborn Revue’s Theatre Cats for quite a long time. Lady and Sir prowl the Starborn Theatre, making sure things are done just right, and teaching theatre kittens all they need to know about life in the theatre and about the arts in general. They…

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Musicals: Part 2, Follies, Revues, and Jazz

For the next few months, the first Wednesday of the month will be dedicated to musical theatre and how it got to be what it is today — and what that means for kids, and for those of us who are interested in getting kids involved in the performing arts. Last month, we looked at…

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Featuring: Original Kids Theatre Company, London, Ontario, Canada

A friend introduced the cats and me to the Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario, Canada. Thanks, friend! Often in such cases, when either a friend tells me about a theatre, or the cats discover someplace interesting, I find myself wanting to be part of their program myself, and Original Kids is no exception….


What’s On in Children’s Theatre in October

You may or may not believe this (the choice is yours) but I believe that the theatre cats at the Starborn Revue, Lady and Sir, have a little bit of magic somewhere inside them. That magic lets them visit theatres and concert halls all over the world when I think they’re backstage here at the…