Backstage Pass to Imagination Stage!

Backstage PassThere are so many wonderful theatres around the world that offer opportunities for kids. Every few weeks here at The Starborn Revue, I’ll be introducing one of those theatres or troupes of actors to you.

Today, we’re using our imaginations to travel to Bethesda, Maryland — right near Washington, DC in the United States. Here’s where Bethesda is on a map. Once you get to that map page, you can click on “Get Directions,” put in the place where you live, and find out how far it is to Bethesda. It’s 1,864 miles away from me! (That’s about 3000 kilometers.) Isn’t it great that when we use our imaginations, distance doesn’t matter? So — let’s imagine we’re there…

Now that we’re in Bethesda, let’s head to IMAGINATION STAGE!

We’re here!

Imagination Stage started in 1979 — quick, do the math, how many years ago is that? Right, thirty-four! Wow. They put on plays for kids and families (with grown-up actors in them), and they also have classes for kids in the fall and winter, and day camps in the summer.

Their website says that “Imagination Stage produces theatre and arts education programs which nurture, challenge, and empower young people of all abilities.” So no matter how old you are, from 1 to 18, or what your abilities are, there’s a welcome there for you.

The best way to find out what Imagination Stage means to the kids who go there is to watch the video on the website’s About Us page. Click this link and scroll down to find the video The Mission of Imagination Stage (Full Version).

Are you as excited about the possibilities of a place like this as I am? Then let’s look around. There’s tons of stuff going on.

Right now, since it’s summer, they have day camps happening. I’d love to have gone to a theatre day camp when I was a kid. There are camps for really young kids, aged 3 1/2 to 5 — they get to do things like imagine they’re princesses and princes and dragons! There are camps for kids in elementary school, everything from Magic Tree House adventures to Shakespeare. Older kids can learn about acting for film, or improv — all kinds of things. Don’t these camps sound cool?

Also, until August 11 there’s a production of Peter Pan and Wendy. It’s a musical (I love musicals — oh, you knew that already? 😉 ) There’s a short video at this link. All through the year there are other plays and musicals performed for kids, there are field trips to see the plays, you can even have your birthday party there, with a theatre workshop as part of the party! Check out the possibilities here (click on the tabs).

Starting up in September, like the most cool school you could ever imagine, there are after-school and weekend classes in Acting, Musical Theatre, Film, Dance, there are even classes for 1 year olds!

For anybody, even if they don’t live nearby (hey, that’s us!) there are fabulous games and crafts based on some of the plays they’ve done. Maybe you can make some of them and put on your own play!

Maybe there’s a theatre with cool stuff for kids near where you live. Have you ever checked to see? You could get involved in cool classes and fantastic activities like the ones at Imagination Stage! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been in a class or day camp like this, or if you’ve gone to plays designed especially for kids.

Thanks for visiting The Starborn Revue. Until next time, let your creativity SHINE! See you on stage!

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