Welcome to the Starborn Revue!

In theatre, a revue is a stage performance that features a variety of dramatic expressions – song, dance, comedy, serious drama. In the same way, the Starborn Revue features a variety of expressions and explorations, centered around the arts and middle grade books, but expanding outward as well.

When I first started this site, I focused solely on theatre and music. I’ve expanded since then, but the arts still play a prominent part. My main purpose is to help people – whether young or older – learn to celebrate who they are, find joy in something special they love to do, and to shine like the stars they are.

This blogging year – September 2018 to June 2019 – I will be exploring the many ways kids can shine, whether in the arts or in other ways. I’ll be sharing books I’ve read, I’ll be shining the spotlight on special kids and exciting opportunities for kids, I’ll be doing some interviews, and each month there will be an installment of a story I’m writing as a serial set in the Starborn Revue Theatre called The Show MUST Go On. I’m looking forward to this blogging year!

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Elizabeth Starborn Logo, Empowerment, Arts, Words

The logo of the STARBORN REVUE features the words of my theme encircling a stylized insignia, my initials EAS with the A as a star. (Thanks, Jan S., for developing the insignia!) You’ll notice that the letters that are capitalized in the theme words are also my initials. Empowerment — Arts — wordS. On this site, I hope to help kids, parents, caregivers, teachers, librarians — everyone — learn how they can be empowered by the arts and by words.

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I’m not alone here on the site. I’m joined by a couple of very important felines, Lady and Sir.


THE THEATRE CATS: There is a long tradition of cats’ involvement in theatre. This may stem from the fact that long ago, sailors who spent the winters ashore often found employment backstage in theatres (their abilities in climbing the rigging of sailing ships came in handy when working on the catwalks high above the stage), and they would bring their ship’s cats with them. Or it could simply be due to the fact that where there are old theatres, there are bound to be mice! Here’s a link to some history about theatre cats.

However the tradition began, Lady and Sir are proud to carry it on. They learn a great deal while prowling around the theatre, backstage, in the wardrobe and scenery departments, in the dressing rooms, and at the front of the house, and they are generous about sharing what they know with the theatre kittens they come into contact with.  

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I hope you’ll enjoy looking around the site, checking out the blog, and reading the monthly installments of The Show MUST Go On. If you want to subscribe to the blog, there’s a subscription sign-up in the blog sidebar. I’m glad you’re here!